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Cornus (Dogwood, Cornel)

Cornus are a group of very hardy, deciduous, shrubs which are noted for their often brightly coloured stems which make an impressive display in winter. Depending on variety the stems can be bright yellow, red or black. Some varieties have variegat... more...

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Gaultheria are a group of evergreen shrubs, most of which are low growing and best as ground cover. They have hanging bell-shaped flowers in late spring which are followed by berries. Gaultheria require a moist, acid soil in shade to grow well. Ha... more...


Hydrangeas are dense, deciduous bushes bearing very large flowers heads throughout summer. Flower heads are either 'mophead' with a large rounded flower cluster, or 'lacecap' with a center of smaller flowers surrounded by larger four petaled flowe... more...

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Convallaria majalis

Convallaria majalis (Lily-of-the-valley)

Lily-of-the-valley is a hardy perennial grown for its strongly scented white flowers borne in spring. The plants are low growing and spread by underground roots and can become invasive. They have traditionally been grown in pots for the windowsill... more...

Dicentra spectabilis

Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding hearts)

Dicentra has wonderful and unique flowers, each one looking like a pink heart which has been split at the bottom with the white contents dripping out, giving them the very appropriate common name of bleeding hearts. The flowers hang from arching s... more...