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Dabeocia (Heather)

Daboecia are hardy evergreen heathers which display bright flowers in summer. They are compact plants growing to less that a foot (30cm) high. Flowers are usually in shades or purple, red and white. As with all heathers they look good planted in g... more...

Euphorbia amygdaloides

Euphorbia amygdaloides (Spurge, Milkweed)

Euphorbia amygdaloides is a semi-evergreen perennial with bright green leaves and sulphur yellow flowers, correctly called bracts. Flowers are borne in large clusters during mid to late spring. It's flowers may appear to lack colour, but it is exc... more...


Gypsophila (Baby's breath)

Gypsophilas are perennials hardy to about zone 6 which bear broad-spreading, whispy displays of flowers from summer to early autumn. The flowers are small, and either white or pink. They make excellent cut flowers. These plants like a well-drained... more...