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Fuchsia is a large group of deciduous shrubs which flower over a long period from late spring to late summer, and may even continue flowering into winter if conditions are suitable. Flowers some in a wide range of colours from white through to pin... more...

Ajuga (Bugle)

Ajugas are low growing perennials suitable for ground cover under trees. In spring they bear short spikes of blue flowers. There are a number of selections available with interesting coloured foliage. Ajugas require a shady site in moist soil and... more...


Echeveria (Hen and chickens)

This is a genus of succulents with tight rosettes of leaves and spikes of small flowers borne at various times of the year depending on the species, but mainly i spring or autumn. The leaves may be green, silver-grey, purple or red and bi-colour v... more...