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Urbinati Vertical Bale Breaking Machine

February 21, 2010 11:56


Last week saw the delivery of our latest piece of machinery to the nursery.

We have long since used a compost mixing machine on the nursery. We had compost delivered on a tipper lorry. We would then shovel the compost into our compost mixing machine, add in long term fertilizer as necessary and fill trays through the output of the machine.

But the compost was delivered from a long distance away and this, combined with the fact that we only had space for a delivery of 25m3 at a time (a small lorry load) meant that the compost was expensive to buy. It was also a lot of work to shovel it all into the compost mixing machine.

So, enter our new machine. We now have compost delivered in 'pro bales'. This is a pallet load of compressed compost wrapped in plastic. We take one of these pallets and load it into the front of the machine using a fork lift truck, removing the wrapping as we go.

Once the machines doors are shut, the machine uses powerful motors to lift the pallet and a set of strong metal 'scrapers' scrape the compost from the top of the pallet as it is lifted. The compost falls through a chute and into our existing compost mixing machine.

Then bale breaker is computer controller, and is worked by simple push button switches.

Filling a load of compost used to take a few minutes and a lot of elbow grease, now takes the push of a button and fifty seconds.


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