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Share your Gardening Knowledge on our New Wiki

November 08, 2010 19:58


You are a gardener. You are an expert. You may only have a small garden, or even just a pot plant on the windowsill, but you are the most knowledgeable person about that plant or that garden.

And, just like, any expert, you have acquired a wealth of knowledge in your sphere of expertise. Wouldn't it be great if there was some way to share that knowledge with other gardeners? To raise every gardeners knowledge levels and skills? is now home to a gardening and plant wiki. We aim to fill the wiki with detailed information on how to grow everything which is garden worthy, to give details on every pest and disease and to share gardening tips and how-tos.

And this is where you, the experts, come in. We encourage you to write about your favourite species and to share your tips.

You're probably wondering why we need to create a new wiki when wikipedia is already available. Okay, so wikipedia lists a huge number of plants but it is full of technical terms, aimed at botanists but flying over the heads of the average gardener, and it totally fails to deliver basic gardening information such as how to plant, when to prune and how to treat disease.

And Wikipedia also fails to help you find plants - unless you knwo their names. If you haven't tried it yet, visit our unique plant finder. Every variety is sorted into over 200 categories, such as when it flowers, it's prefered soil type and whet wildlife it attracts. Click on your preferred categories and get a list out of matching plants. There really is nothing like it on the internet.

So, please, help us to build a unique, detailed and useful resource for any gardener, wherever they are in the world. Visit the wiki today.


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