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Potentilla "Primrose Beauty"

February 18, 2010 12:27


Potentilla Primrose Beauty

Potentilla is a deciduous shrub hardy to zone 7. It's close relationship to the strawberry is shown in the similarly shaped flowers, being 5-petalled flat discs about an inch(3cm) across. Unlike some shrubs which are a mass of flower for a short period, Potentillas tend to bear less flowers at one time, but for a much longer period. You can expect a Potentilla to be in flower for most of the summer, but it may take some short breaks while it catches it's breath. In "Primrose Beauty" they are coloured a delicate primrose-yellow. Other varieties are available in colours from white to orange, yellow and (rarely) red.

Potentilla "Primrose Beauty" is a compact shrub growing to a height and width of 2-3 feet (70-100cm). Leaves are about an inch (2cm) across, mid-green and deeply lobed. Care is fairly simple, trim back by about half in early spring, and the flowers are too small to be worthwhile deadheading. As with other shrubs a mulch or bark or composted horse-manure in spring will help with flowering. Grow Potentillas in any reasonable garden soil with average moisture levels and fairly neutral acidity.

Photo by seeks2dream


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