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plantality Offically in Beta Testing

February 19, 2010 20:15


I'm not sure I'm ready for it. I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for it. But the time has now come to state that is officially in beta testing, with the following provisos:

  • Search isn't yet working.
  • Receiving emails doesn't yet work (if you send a private message, and the reply comes via email, you should be hit the reply button and email a reply back). This doesn't affect outgoing email (for sign ups etc).
  • While the code is in beta testing, much of the website is still in alpha (or less than alpha) state: my web designer is still working on it.
  • My units tests are showing a few error, but they are either cosmetic or only affect admin areas of the site.
  • Clicking the 'use for profile' option for one of your uploaded images causes a failure. I know where the problem is, but not (yet) how to fix it.

Feel free to play away and try your best to break things.




rkwest - over 10 years ago Warning_button

Hi! As part of your beta testing I would urge you to try this. Go to the home of an honest friend or relative and ask them to try using this website. Stand behind them with your mouth fimrly closed and your hands behind your back so you can't help them

rkwest - over 10 years ago Warning_button

Wow - My comment wad cut off before the end.

rkwest - over 10 years ago Warning_button

(Sorry for the typos, I'm working quickly.) The font on this site is so small! Yet the font on the ads is big and readable.

rkwest - over 10 years ago Warning_button

The "Post" button, like all other buttons I've seen here, appears greyed out.

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