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New Plant Finder

July 26, 2010 19:18


We have just added an extra feature to the site - a plant finder. For the plant finder we categorise each plant into up to 200 categories to make it easy for you to search for plants which exactly fit your needs.

Categories include things like:

  • plant type (annual, perennial etc), 
  • uses (borders, baskets etc), 
  • soil type (acid, dry),
  • situation (exposed or sheltered),
  • flower season,
  • foliage colour,
  • and wildlife interest.

In the plant finder click on a category which interest you so see plants in it, then select a second category to see only plants which fulfil both conditions. You can keep drilling down as much as you like, and it's easy to deselect a category to widen your search.

Each plants page includes a detailed description, a complete list of the categories it is filed under (including size and hardiness), usually one or more photos and links to closely related plants.

We will later be adding links to places where you can buy each plant and a section which lists similar plants which you may be interested in.

At present we are in the process of adding content to the database and within a few months we will have a listing of every common garden and house plant as well as a few more exotic species.

To check out the finder visit



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