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Has Spring Finally Spring?

March 07, 2010 18:12


January and February have been very quiet on the nursery. They are our quietest months every year, but with the record low temperatures this year things have been even worse that usual. So, it was nice to feel some warmth in the air early this week.

Sadly the mercury levels have gone down again since then, but it's still sunny and that's started to bring the customers in. We specialise in Fuchsias, growing over 400 varieties and many of our early customers are fuchsia enthusiasts stocking their greenhouses and conservatories for the season ahead.

After these come the people who are stocking up on compost, usually our horse manure compost, to mulch their borders. And then are those who have taken their first steps into their spring gardens, noticed any gaps or dead plants and are wanting something to add a little colour into their lives.

As with any small business owner we like to keep a close eye on sales, in our case we tend to compare then with the previous year. March 2009 was our best March ever, buy a reasonable margin. Last March was bright, sunny and warm through almost the entire month. That gives us quite a target to live up to, and something we are unlikely to match with this years climate.

Running a nursery is not a job you want if you like a nice, steady and assured income!


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