Geranium 'Phillipe Vapelle'
Geranium 'Nimbus'

Common name: Crane's bill

Family: Geraniaceae

Plant type Perennial
Height 6 inches to 3 feet
Spread 6 inches to 3 feet
Habit Clump-forming, bushy
Foliage Semi-evergreen to deciduous
Growth rate Slow to moderate
Interests Flowers
Uses Borders
Skill level Beginner
Maintenance Slight
Hardiness 5
Heat zone
Sun Full sun to shade
Moisture Dry to moist
Soil type Slightly acid to slightly lime
Soil fertility Barren to moderate
Water consumption Moderate
Site Average
Flower colour Blue, pink, purple, white
Flower season Early summer to mid autumn
Flower size Medium
Foliage colour Green
Fruit colour
Edible parts
Harvest time
Wildlife Bees
Texture Medium

Note: this article is about the hardy perennial plant with the latin name Geranium and the common name crane's bill. Geranium is also the common name of a group of showy plants, grown as annuals, with the latin name [Pelargonium].

Geraniums are perennials, some small enough to be alpines. They grow in bushy clumps and bear saucer-shaped flowers in shades of blue, purple, lilac and white. Flowers are usually borne throughout summer and into early autumn. They are noted for their intense display of colour over a long period.

Originally hedgerow plants, geraniums will grow in either sun or part shade. They are not fussy about soil as long as it is not waterlogged.

They can be propagated by division or cuttings in spring or summer.


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